Sunday, October 25, 2009


I was standing in line at joann frabric waiting to have some fabric cut. The girl was moving very slowly, and the lady in front of me had many bolts of fabric, and must have had a complicated request, be cause the sales girl was having trouble figuring it out. I was feeling tired and my feet hurt, I had just stopped by after work to pick up what I needed "real quick" before heading home. I was just thinking about how much I hate lines when the toddler of the lady in front of me in line started entertaining himself in his stroller by singing some version of "where is thumbman" to him self. But the only words he could seem to remember were "very well to meet you", and "run away, run away!" Later he started singing his own little tune where the only word I think I understood was "poopy". I had to laugh. He was so cute that I enjoyed the rest of my long wait. Thank goodness for cute little kids to entertain us! and thank goodness he was a happy kid, and not screaming or throwing a fit! I decided I didn't mind the wait so much. After I finally go my fabric cut, I had to head to the cash register to pay..... another long line.... and another very slow checkout girl, the lady in front of me had a two-inch pile of paper. I watched as the girl slowly picked up the sheets of paper one at a time to count, loose count, and start over. I thought "You've got to be kidding me!" I stood there for another 15 minutes. I still hate waiting in lines.

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craig&susan said...

Isn't that the most frustrating thing to get a SLOW checker...especially when you're in a hurry. I hear you!